Flow-Tek In all thermodynamic processes FLOW TEK three-way valves are applied, for example in cooling systems for motor ships, in heating and cooling systems for chipped wood and plate pressing, vulcanizing and other presses, in high pressure applications for transferring-, compressing- and pre-heating stations as well as in overheating processes in power stations. Furthermore FLOW-TEK three-way valves are applied in gas-pipeline-systems.
For extremely short on/off cycles in the cooling spray lines of wire rolling mills we developed these three-way on/off valves. Already for several years they are performing excellently under these severe conditions and guarantee a long life cycle.
A Three way valve is a constant flow rate valve used for either Mixing or diverting application. In these valves, the total flow rate remains constant. In applications where three way valves are employed, the liquid circuit will naturally split into two separate loops, Constant & Variable flow rate.

This is the standard globe design three way valve with pneumatic or electric actuator with a lot of extension possibilities and a wide range of applications. The basic equipment is fitted with a mixing or diverting plug and strong high capacity shaft guiding and serves at the same time as basis for multiple types of execution. The present generation of the series 200 has been updated as a result of decades of development. Production on most modern CNC machining centers guarantees the highest precision and simple exchange of parts. The body design is optimized to flow conditions with large volumes.

Seats are not welded and can be unscrewed and serviced even after years of operation. Exchanging of seat and plug can be completed within few minutes. During maintenance, the valve remains in the pipeline. This saves cost during maintenance and installation. Capacity can easily be adapted to any medication, extension due to modular design.

  • Water works.
  • Oil and Gas
  • Power plants.
  • Chemical and petrochemical plants.

All processes involving Thermic Fluids:

  • Cooling system of motor ships
  • Heating and cooling systems for plate pressing, vulcanizing and other presses
  • Attemperator
  • pH and Conductivity Control

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