Flow-Tek The Single Acting Altitude Control Valve closes at a preset maximum water level to prevent overflow of a ground storage tank or reservoir and opens to refill when the water level in the tank or reservoir lowers. This type of Altitude Control Valve should be used when the supply pressure is appreciably higher (15 psi+) than the head developed by a full ground storage tank or reservoir.
An altitude control valve controls the level of a tank. The altitude valve will remain open while the tank is not full and it will close when the tanks reaches its maximum level. The opening and closing of the valve requires no external power source (electric, pneumatic, or man power), it is done automatically, hence its name.

Automatic Control Valves do not require an external power source, meaning that the fluid pressure is enough for opening and closing the valve.

  • High level reservoirs & water towers
  • Energy cost critical systems
  • Systems with poor water quality
  • Inherent refreshing
  • Level sustaining at reservoir outlet
  • Water works.
  • Power plants.
  • Sewage plants.
  • Process industries.
  • Chemical and petrochemical plants.

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