Flow-Tek FT 115 Pressure Relief, Sustaining or Backpressure Control Valve is designed to permit flow when upstream pressure is above the adjustable setpoint of the control pilot, and throttle toward closed when upstream pressure falls below the adjustable setpoint.

When the valve is installed "off the main line" on the branch of a tee, it serves as a Pressure Relief Control Valve. It is normally closed, and quickly opens when upstream pressure exceeds the pilot setting, relieving excess pressure.

When valve installed "in line" connecting two distribution zones, the valve acts as a Pressure Sustaining Control Valve. When pressure in the upstream zone falls below the pilot setting, the valve modulates toward a closed position, sustaining pressure in the upstream zone.

When the valve is installed "in line" on the discharge of a pump, it acts as Backpressure Control Valve. When pump discharge pressure falls below the pilot setting, the valve modulates toward a closed position, increasing backpressure against the pump.

Design Standard : MFG STANDARD
End Connection : Flanged End to suit ANSI / DIN / BS / JIS / IS etc.
Testing Standard : API 527

  • Auto Re-circulation on a Refueller to control the pumping pressure of Air Crafts.
  • Solenoid Override or Pneumatic Override to safeguard the system. This can be operated remotely to re-circulate full flow.
  • When installed in Main line, it prevents upstream pressure dropping below preset value.
  • When installed on a By-Pass line, it controls main line pressure by relieving excess pressure in By-Pass/sump.
  • Ideal for pump by pass to protect the downstream equipments.
  • Relief pilot (F16) is normally closed due to spring tension.
  • With increase in upstream pressure above set value, Pilot (F-16) opens which makes Main Valve to open fully.
  • Spring Range: Standard: 20-200 psig. Optional: 5-30
  • Water works.
  • Aviation.
  • Sewage plants.
  • Process industries.
  • Chemical and petrochemical plants.

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